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Texas Army Trail DGC
Texas Army Trail DGC newsletter for 7/24/11
July 24, 2011

Dixon Jowers & John won Sunday Doubles with a score or 49 (5 under) with 6 Birdies - A new course doubles record.

33 players came out for Sunday Night doubles, and 9 players came out for Saturday Night Singles.

The county did not come out this week; however the work crew was busy.  On hole 14 a bridge was built over the low crossing to the green.  Also on hole 14, we also cleared out what was known as the Surveyor's cheat, to become a normal birdie run.  Dixon Jowers hit the gap and birdied the hole one his first visit, now you can too.  Some of the piles of shredded trees were spread on some paths.

If you were wondering what Dixon and John's 5 down scorecard looked like.  They birdied 1, 2, 3, 13, 14 and 18. They bogeyed 5.  Every other hole was a par (including 9). Hole 1 was in the 440 foot deep position in the woods.  Dixon's drive hyzered right between the trees and ended up 25 feet from the hole.

The Texas Army Trail would like to thank everyone for their support and hope each of you get a chance to come out and play in one of our weekend minis.