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Texas Army Trail DGC
4th of July - Tons of fun
July 05, 2011

A great big thank to everyone who played one or more tournaments this weekend.

Saturday 9 played singles
Sunday 32 played doubles
Monday 65 played in the July 4th min.

The Sunday doubles had 13 bring your own partner and 6 Random draw doubles. The mix of these two doubles styles seem to work well, so we are going to continue mixing them.

A real big thank you goes out to Chuck for the hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, grill, and other the other goodies.

On Saturday, the work crew cut a putting area for hole 12 and removed stumps in hole 12 fairway.  We also removed a few stumps from hole 11.  On Sunday, we cleaned debris and stumps on hole 10.  Next week, we'll continue tweaking the final 6 holes.  We plan to have a 'chicken' route for hole 13.